Nobody wants to think the worst of the person they love, but sometimes you need to trust your intuition. Unfortunately, having a hunch that your partner is cheating isn’t enough. If you approach them and confront them about their suspicious behaviour, they’re likely to deny it. Even worse, you’ll give them the opportunity to cover their tracks, as they’ll become aware of your suspicions. By using a private investigator in Sydney, you can uncover the truth once and for all.

Our PI services are about giving you certainty and peace of mind. Enquire with us to give yourself the answers you need.

Hiring a PI in Sydney is often a sensitive matter. At the end of the process, you’ll either have solid evidence of your spouse’s infidelity or you’ll experience the relief that comes with knowing they’re faithful. In the unfortunate instance that they are cheating on you, your private detective in Sydney will provide information that you can use in court proceedings.

To ensure the investigation process runs smoothly, you can’t hire just anyone. You need a dependable professional with the right equipment and knowledge for uncovering the truth. At Spousebusters, our private investigators in Sydney have a solid track record in revealing the hidden facts about sneaky spouses.

Why hire a private investigator Sydney?

There are lots of PIs in Sydney for you to choose from, so why select Spousebusters? In a nutshell, we specialise in marital infidelity. Focusing on this one area means we’ve sharpened our knowledge, making us experts in our field. In contrast, our competitors dabble in multiple areas. Because of this, they haven’t built their skills to the extent that we have.

We move beyond suspicion to find the facts

Identifying the tell-tale signs of a cheating spouse is only the beginning. If you’re going to successfully confront this person about their behaviour, noticing unusual behaviour isn’t enough. Unfortunately, some private detectives in Sydney may only note the same suspicious behaviours you’ve grown wary of. At Spousebusters, we gather solid evidence.

A strong team of private investigators Sydney with an excellent track record

When you hire Spousebusters to work as your private detectives in Sydney, you’ll benefit from a huge range of criteria. This includes:

  • The delivery of hard evidence that you can use in court.
  • An extensive team of 150 investigators who operate throughout Australia.
  • Strategic approaches that have received government approval.
  • Private detectives who consistently retrain to adopt the best modern investigation practices.
  • Effective private investigator Sydney services


How does a private detective in Sydney work?

When working as a PI in Sydney, it’s important to use an entirely legal and government-approved approach. This is something we take pride in. Our knowledge of the Australian legislative system means we understand which types of evidence will benefit our clients in court and which ones aren’t admissible. To protect your interests, we always adhere to strict methodologies that you can legally use as evidence.

We’ll work throughout Sydney and beyond

If you suspect your partner is up to no good while they’re away on business, don’t worry. By maintaining a team of 150 private investigators throughout Australia, we can examine your suspicions no matter where they are.

Using established technologies and techniques

Private investigation technologies are always advancing. At Spousebusters, we use that to our advantage. By utilising the latest technologies and techniques, we ensure we have a high success rate in identifying adulterous behaviour.

Your PI in Sydney will use the best monitoring equipment

In addition to providing you with an expert PI in Sydney, we’ll ensure they’re using the best monitoring equipment. Some of the tools our PIs use include:

  • Mobile phone monitoring software for tracking calls and texts.
  • A GPS tracker that identifies where they’ve been and listens to all car conversations.
  • The option to use CCTV cameras.
  • Computer monitoring software to identify their web based activities.

Our car monitoring software is voice activated, so it only starts recording once your spouse starts talking. With this information, your PI in Sydney can determine whether they’re using the time they spend in their car to arrange meetings with another man or woman.

Identifying the signs of cheating

The best time to act on suspicion is now. Contact Spousebusters today to get more information on our discreet services.

As we often tell our clients, simply suspecting that your spouse is cheating isn’t enough. However, it’s sometimes useful to understand what the tell-tale signs are. Amongst others, they include:

  • Returning late home from work on numerous occasions.
  • Suddenly spending longer at the office and no longer including you in work-based activities.
  • Keeping their phone close to them on a regular basis.
  • Deleting texts and phone records.
  • Multiple calls to a number you don’t recognise.
  • Excessive petrol usage that doesn’t reflect the journeys they say they’re making.
  • Your spouse regularly becomes irritable for no reason.
  • They’re poor at maintaining contact all of a sudden while away on business trips.
  • Their clothing smells like a member of the opposite sex’s perfume.
  • Hidden bank accounts.
  • Unusual bank transactions or receipts that don’t make sense.
  • Withdrawing large sums of cash without any evidence of a subsequent purchase.
  • Paying close attention to their personal appearance at work when they didn’t before.
  • Changing the passwords on their phone, tablet, and/or computer.
  • Increased time on their phone or computer that they become defensive over.
  • Lying about where they’ve been.

Of course, although all the above behaviours may suggest that your spouse is cheating, they don’t act as evidence in themselves. At Spousebusters private investigators Sydney, we advise against approaching your partner when they begin showing signs of cheating. In doing so, you may alert them to the fact that they’re suspicious, which means they’ll have the chance to cover their tracks. Instead, you need to back up your suspicions with solid evidence. Hiring a private detective in Sydney allows you to determine what they’re doing with their phone and why they’re behaving in an unusual manner.

Hiring a private investigator Sydney is often a stressful time, especially when you can’t account for your spouse’s unusual behaviour. We always treat our clients’ concerns with the utmost sensitivity and all your interactions with us will remain confidential.

If you want to speak to a member of the Spousebusters team, call 1300 776 883 (1300 SPOUSE). Our private investigator Sydney will get you the truth.

To check out what we do, head over to our private investigator services page.

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