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Are you beginning to suspect something about your spouse? Wondering where employees are? Or are you just looking to have a background check done before you hire someone new? If you are, look no further than the team at Spousebusters.

Having helped thousands of people across Australia, Spousebusters are Sydney’s leading team of private investigators, and we’re ready to use over 15 years of experience and our connections in the police force, military and other institutions to bring you the truth.

If you’re looking to get a background check done, investigate your partner’s gambling addiction or if you’re looking to get custody of your children, our team of private investigators can help. Long story short, if you need to find out something about someone, we’re here to help.

If you’d like to look into something further, or if you want to know why someone you care about is being so secretive, don’t leave it until the last minute. Contact us on 1300 776 873 today.

Private Investigator Sydney

Do you have sneaking suspicions that your spouse is cheating on you?

Perhaps it’s high time you enlisted the help of a professional and experienced private investigator in Sydney. Whether your suspicions are unfounded or turn out to be true, you owe it to yourself and your spouse to have that moment of truth.

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Evidence Gathering

Surveillance Investigations

Mystery and controversy can be exciting and compelling in the pages of your favourite novel or up on the silver screen. But, in real life, hidden truths can be damaging, costly, and even dangerous.

That’s where our team of committed, fully qualified surveillance investigators can assist. If you are grappling with keeping an eye on someone, get in touch today.

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Child Custody Investigations

Your child’s health and wellbeing are paramount. If you suspect that your child is not getting the love, care, and attention they need from your ex-partner, it’s time to uncover the truth.

Like you, we value family. If you share custody of your children, are working your way through a difficult custody battle, or believe that your ex-partner is not paying their fair share of child support, we can help.

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Open alternative email accounts, be on the internet late into the night, and make sure to delete their browser history and messages on their phone

Be more irritable and guarded

Alcohol and Gambling Addiction Investigation

Among the most difficult issues a couple can face is addiction, and alcohol or gambling addictions are among the most common forms.

Both alcohol and gambling addictions are insidious problems that affect a lot of families and destroy relationships. And the saddest thing of all is that the spouse — the very person who is supposed to be the closest to the addicted individual — is often the last one to know.

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Skip Tracing

Trying to find someone who has gone missing without leaving any traces is challenging – it can be virtually a “needle in a haystack” type of situation. The process becomes even more complicated when the missing person doesn’t want to be found.

If your spouse or partner has disappeared for whatever reason, you can count on our professional assistance. With our expertise and the information you provide, we can uncover the truth.

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Counter Surveillance

Have you and your spouse or partner gone your separate ways? Was your parting less than ideal, perhaps an emotionally-charged separation? Were you attacked or threatened in any way?

Whether your suspicions have a clear basis, or you feel they may be the product of an overactive imagination, the threat of privacy invasion is very real. Unfortunately, modern technology and the internet do provide scope for unscrupulous individuals to gain unauthorised access into the lives of others.

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Background Checks

Is there something about your spouse you are suspicious about? Has he or she become suddenly secretive? Or are there times when you feel like you don’t know enough about the person you married?

No one intends to, but sometimes it happens — people get into a serious relationship with someone they barely know, or don’t know enough about. Especially now that internet dating has become more commonplace, fewer people actually end up marrying the girl or boy next door.

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Keep their phone bill hidden

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