Counter Surveillance Services in Sydney

Have you and your spouse or partner gone your separate ways? Was your parting less than ideal, perhaps an emotionally-charged separation? Were you attacked or threatened in any way?

If you and your partner or spouse have been living apart for whatever reason, and you feel that he or she may act in a way that violates your privacy, we can help you regain your security and your peace mind.

Whether your suspicions have a clear basis, or you feel they may be the product of an overactive imagination, the threat of privacy invasion is very real. Unfortunately, modern technology and the internet do provide scope for unscrupulous individuals to gain unauthorised access into the lives of others.

With our expert assistance, you can get your life back.

Professional bug sweeping

With SpouseBusters’ team of professional private investigators Sydney, you’ll find out soon enough if your home, car, and office, or your digital devices, are bugged. Our people use metal detectors, cable analysers, RF detectors, lens detectors, and other tools to sweep all areas you frequent, to ensure your privacy is not compromised.

We’ll also undertake frequency and interception investigations, as well as physical searches and electronic sweeps to ascertain that you’re not under surveillance by your spouse or partner.

How do you know you’re being bugged? Of course, you’ll never know for certain until we’ve done all our checks. However, look out for the following signs:

  • Door locks and knobs seem weird or don’t feel right
  • Sudden interference on your phone, television or radio
  • Strange noises or volume changes on your phone
  • Items mysteriously in disarray
  • A stranger pretending to be someone else comes and leaves for no apparent reason

If you have a strong suspicion that something is not right and that you are being watched and or listened to, give us a call. But do so from a public phone, or via a device you know not to be compromised.

Spouse Busters is ready to help you and protect your right to privacy.

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