2-in-1 Real-Time GPS Tracker and Listening Device

This miniature unit is a 2 in 1, REAL-TIME GPS TRACKER and LISTENING DEVICE which allows you to locate its EXACT position at any time, accurate to within a couple of metres! You can also listen in to its surroundings.

Other GPS trackers can tell you only where the unit has previously been… Our unit tells you it’s exact location RIGHT NOW, at any time!

The unit has a waterproof and magnetic casing to allow easy attaching to the underside of any vehicle. It is also specially designed for extremely long battery operation time. (One (1) entire month on a single charge).

The Listening Device feature can be voice-activated, which will notify you whenever conversations are being held inside your target vehicle, and allow you to listen. An extremely effective investigation tool and one of our best selling products.

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2-in-1 Real Time GPS Tracker and Listening Device

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