Spousebusters – Surveillance

We have all seen the movies and TV shows with the private investigator secretly tailing someone to collect evidence for their client. While the depictions can sometimes be a bit far-fetched, the notion of hiring a private investigator to conduct surveillance is possible.

There are several reasons you may need a private investigator to perform covert reconnaissance:

  • You may want to discover if your spouse or partner is cheating on you.
  • You may want to collect evidence to support a child custody case against your partner.
  • You may need to gather proof that a business is engaging in illegal activity.
  • You may need proof of potential fraud for WorkCover and Workers Compensation claims.
  • You may need to document harassment, stalking, or other malicious behaviour.

Is it legal to conduct surveillance?

The brief answer is yes. Private investigators have the authority, as part of their professional licences, to conduct surveillance on behalf of their clients. Any evidence obtained legally by a private investigator can be used in court, a tribunal, or negotiations.

What is lawful surveillance?

Despite what you may see in the movies, our private investigators do not break laws to obtain a photo or video documentation on your behalf. Our agents must comply with all laws whilst in the commission of evidence-gathering, including those about trespassing. Spousebusters consists of a licensed investigation team with years of experience conducting discreet and legal surveillance on behalf of our clients.

What is surveillance evidence?

Our private investigators keep detailed notes on their observations during a case. They also provide both still photos and video footage. Any surveillance evidence turned over to clients can become part of an annexure to an affidavit. What that means is you are indicating the surveillance findings into evidence in a pending court case. Fraud investigations, child custody suits, and divorces are among the kinds of court cases where surveillance evidence is commonly admitted.

Hiring an experienced private investigator

Trying to conduct surveillance on your own can backfire and is most likely not admissible in court. If you have an issue that requires surveillance, hiring an experienced investigator is the best way to guarantee results. Our team of investigators at Spousebusters have an extensive understanding of legal compliance and conduct every investigation with the care and diligence it deserves.

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